T. Michael Russo, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus

A crisp, fall afternoon, amid the splendor of Cole Field, and the beautiful game is being played elegantly under your birdlike eye. How many times has this scene played out, and how many players, parents, and fans have been caught in its spell, which to a large degree has been your spell? As the heart of men’s soccer at Williams since 1979, you have not only won a national championship and been named national coach of the year, but you have advanced the culture of the game at the college and beyond. A lover of soccer growing up in nearby Deerfield, you studied coaching techniques in Germany and Holland, and you never lost sight of what was truly important, whether opportunities for your players to mentor local boys or honoring the memory of a teammate lost to cancer. In the tradition of Williams athletics, you took on other important responsibilities, including organizing the travel for all teams and coordinating for many years our physical education program. You have also been the godfather of soccer regionally. No one has done more to promote youth soccer in the area, and there is not a youth player, boy or girl, within miles of here who has not benefited directly or indirectly from your devotion. All in all, this is quite a legacy.

I hereby declare you Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus, entitled to all the rights, honors, and privileges appertaining thereto.

June 7, 2015