Eugene J. Johnson, Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, Emeritus

The chops you developed as a member of Cap and Bells you went on to apply,famously, to the teaching of art. It was like learning from Gielgud—the resonant voice, the visual effects, the flair for the dramatic, each carefully chosen detail conveying that the lesson of the day was thrilling and urgent—all of this leavened with a dry sense of humor. The only stage adage you flouted was never to work with animals, as each performance was accompanied by one of your string of spaniels.Your classroom was immersive—four images projected at a time, and then,spectacularly, the three-dimensional portrayals of some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, which you developed with colleagues two generations your junior. Your stagecraft has opened the eyes of countless students to the visual language of shape, line, and contour in architecture and in sculpture—enriching for the rest of their lives their experience of the built environment. We look forward to the encore—your continuing work on (What else?) theatres of the Italian Renaissance.

I hereby declare you Amos Lawrence Professor of Art, Emeritus, entitled to all the rights, honors, and privileges appertaining thereto.

June 4, 2017