Peter S. Wells, Class of 1979

Few coaches have had as large an impact on their sport here as you have. The position certainly brought unique challenges. For many years you directed both the men’s and women’s crew teams. That meant more than a hundred athletes, many of whom had never before touched an oar, training on waters far from campus, in equipment both expensive and delicate. When not scheduling transportation, re-rigging shells, and troubleshooting the outboard motor on the launch, you were luring students into a sport they had never considered, raising money, and developing our indoor training facility. Your creativity in fundraising (from team leaf raking to the Coachella-like experience of the annual Ergathon) is matched by your innovative coaching, devoted as it has been to exploring ever-new ways to challenge your students. On top of all this, you have also served at times as sports information director, assistant Nordic ski coach, and coordinator of physical education—all undertaken with your characteristic zeal and attention to detail. Your rowers may not always have been aware of how furiously you were paddling under water, but they have certainly known, and have long appreciated, the life lessons that you imparted—discipline, teamwork, and, as one alumnus has put it, “how to find our leverage and propel ourselves forward.”

I hereby declare you Assistant Professor of Physical Education, Emeritus, entitled to all the rights, honors, and privileges appertaining thereto.

June 2, 2019