Messages to the class of 2022.5

April 22, 2022

Dear members of the class of 22.5:

Over the last several weeks, I have heard from many of you, your families, and your fellow students in the class of 2022 about your hopes to walk at this year’s Commencement.  As I’ve told those of you who have reached out directly, Williams has a long tradition of preserving the Commencement ceremony for students who have completed their academic journey. All other parts of the graduation week are open to those who started the Williams journey together four years ago.

Many of you have asked that we make an exception to the policy this year based on the large number who opted to delay your education in light of the many challenges caused by the pandemic. In response to these requests, we have decided to invite 22.5ers who would like to do so to process into the commencement ceremony as a group, behind the senior class. During the ceremony, I will ask you to stand up as a group to be recognized and acknowledged.  You will be invited to cross the stage and receive your degree in June 2023.

We will follow up shortly with information on how to let us know if you would like to participate in this procession and collective acknowledgement.  Please note that whether or not you opt to process in this way, the completion ceremony in December 2022 to recognize your accomplishments is still in place for you and your family.


Maud S. Mandel

Professor of History; Program in Jewish Studies

Nov. 15, 2021

Dear members of the Class of 22.5,

Though you will not be eligible to march in the Commencement ceremony in June, 2022, you are welcome to participate in both Baccalaureate and Ivy Exercises. You are also welcome to attend Commencement as a guest.  In addition, the college is planning to hold a special ceremony to mark the completion of your coursework at Williams in December, 2022.  You will then be invited to march in the formal Commencement ceremony in June, 2023, and your families and guests will be invited to join us in celebrating your accomplishments at that time.  (College policies regarding eligibility for commencement may be found here:

We understand that even if you are not participating in the Commencement ceremony this June,  you may still want to celebrate in other ways with friends in the class of 2022.  We would like to know what your plans are in terms of participating in other Commencement and senior week events in June, 2022. Please fill out this survey by December 13, 2021 to let us know what your plans will be. (Your responses are not binding at this point, but will help us greatly in our planning.)

Thank you,

Lee Park, College Marshal

Doug Schiazza, Senior Associate Dean of Campus Life


Lee Park (she/hers)

College Marshal and William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Williams College