Scott A. Lewis, Physical Education

Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Associate Director of the Williams Outing Club, Emeritus

For this one, we had to rope in some experts who could float a few ideas about how to pack in some bad outdoors puns!

With your deep knowledge and wild enthusiasm—not to mention your in-tents talent for corny wordplay—you have coaxed generations of students, many of them pretty green, out of bed and onto the trails to see the sunrise from the summit of Pine Cobble.

Thanks to your amazing leadership of the WOOLF program, thousands of students attest that you have rocked their world. Indeed, from the summit of Mount Greylock to the base of the Grand Canyon. From snowshoeing to forest bathing. And from Mountain Day at Williams to travel courses in Liberia… you have found so many ways to gear up students’ wellbeing, leadership and love for the outdoors. While making our program more accessible, more inclusive and… dare we say it?… boulder!

In 32 years at Williams, you have turned the traditional idea of an Outing Club on its head.

And for that…

I hereby declare you Assistant Professor of Physical Education and Director of the Williams Outing Club, Emeritus, entitled to all the rights, honors and privileges appertaining thereto.

June 2, 2024