From Deans Long and Grant

Feb 20, 2024

Members of the Class of 2024 and Mid-Cycle Seniors,

Commencement is coming, Sunday, June 2, 2024 and we can’t wait!

 You need to do TWO things in response to this email.   Get them done today and save yourself some nagging emails and anxiety. 

1) Log in to Student Records to Complete the Graduation Information

2) Click on the link at the bottom of this email to record your Ceremony/Program Name Pronunciation

Ok.. That’s the summary.  Now read on-

When you log into Student Records- Graduation Information you’ll be asked to answer the following-

Whether or not you plan to attend??

What name you would like to appear on your Diploma (your Diploma/Degree Name)

What name you would like Dean Long to read aloud as you sashay across the stage?  This name will also be printed in the Commencement Program (your Ceremony/Program Name)   For the Ceremony/Program Name, we need the name written AND an audio recording of the correct pronunciation of how you would like it read from the stage.

I start practicing name pronunciations in March.

Please note, for some International students, in particular, your diploma is considered an official document, and some employers will want to see it, so this should match your Legal Name.

Please Note, Diploma/Degree Names and Ceremony Names are often different.

For example, someone might designate their Diploma/Degree Name:  Josephine Juliana Smith III  

and their Ceremony/Program name:  Josie Smith

Receiving your Actual Williams Diploma

You will not receive your hardcopy diploma at the Commencement ceremony.  Instead it will be mailed to you in early July.  To do this, we need the following information from you: (the

  • A non-Williams email address for the digital diploma, which is a secure, protected pdf version of your diploma, and can be used before your hardcopy diploma is available.
  • A physical mailing address where your actual hardcopy diploma can be mailed to you.
  • We ask that you provide us with ALL of this information by March 15 by clicking on the two links provided below.

Login to Williams Student Records and follow this path to provide this important commencement information:

Student Records (tile) > Profile (tile) > Graduation Information

Then, follow the link below to record your Ceremony/Program name

Looking forward to celebrating with you and yours in June–


Gretchen Long

Dean of the College and 

Frederick Rudolph ’42 – Class of 1965 Professor of American Culture


Ray Grant

Associate Dean for Senior Year Students and Director of Students in Transition