Message to mid-cycle students FA2023

Dear mid-cycle students,
This is just a quick note of clarification, as we’ve received some questions.  Mid-cycle students (and their families) are welcome to participate in Commencement ceremonies both before and after their actual completion dates.
So for those of you in the Class of “24.5”, you and your families are welcome to participate in Commencement 2024 this coming June (with your original cohort) as well as in Commencement 2025.  (You are technically considered members of the Class of 2025 by the registrar.)
(Those of you in the Class of “23.5”, may already have participated in Commencement in June 2023.  You are welcome to return in June 2024 to participate in Commencement again, if you so choose.  The registrar considers you part of the Class of 2024.)
There are a couple of things to be aware of however.  First, families of aided students who plan to take advantage of on-campus housing may do so only once.  Second, there are some Senior Week activities that are available to students only once; these are run by the Office for Campus Life, an you should check with them about this.
Please share this information with your friends and families.

Lee Y. Park
College Marshal and William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Chemistry
Williams College