Photography & Video

Many graduating seniors and their families want to capture Commencement with photographs and video.  In order to provide high-quality pictures while avoiding blocking the audience’s view, we have made the following arrangements.

  • During the Commencement ceremony, a professional photographer will take pictures of each graduate receiving their diploma from President Falk.  You may order photographs from Commencement Photos, Inc,
  • Several videos, including one that captures the entire Commencement ceremony, will be posted on the Commencement website a few days after the weekend and archived for viewing at your convenience.

Those who still want to use cameras during the Commencement ceremony are asked to avoid blocking the view of the professional photographers and seated guests in the audience.

High resolution images of Commencement Weekend 2017 will be available on Flickr soon after the events.

During First Days in August, 2013, a professional photographer took a panoramic photo of the entire Class of 2017 on the steps of Paresky.  This photo is available from Panfoto, LLC.